Wednesday, 12 August 2009

What's all this then???

It seems in this day and age everybody has a blog.
Now, I'm always the one who jumps onto the bandwagon way too late and long after everyone else. I've only just, and prepare yourself for this one...I've only just watched Twilight, that was on Friday, AND it was Sunday when I finally ordered the book! That's right, until recently not only had I not seen the film of Twilight but I haven't even read any of the books. And don't get me started on Harry Potter...
But I digress, after a long time thinking, and observing that the world and his brother have a blog, I thought I'd take a deep breath be brave and start writing one myself. This was where I encountered my first obstacle. Most of the blogs that I've come across tend to be written by people who mainly focus on themselves; be it a funny encounter, something that has irritated/excited/pleased/upset them or just maybe used as an online diary. Now the problem I face with this is that I'm just not that interesting! Presently having only recently graduated and consequently moved back in with my parents whilst job hunting, my life is pretty dull. Infact my day centres around meal times and exercise. I kid thee not. But, and there are many who will vouch for this, I do watch a lot of TV. Especially the American shows, you name it and I probably watch it, and if I don't then I'm sure I have a basic knowledge. I don't just watch TV though, I have a tragically compulsive habit of googling my favourites and finding out all the gossip of what will happen in future episodes, whether there is scandals on set, or any additions to the casts. Therefore I ask, what better a subject for me to write my blog on? My family and friends are bored sick of me showering them with TV gossip about shows that they haven't even heard of (if I have to give another person a basic summary of Chuck I will punch someone) so as soon as I find out any juicy titbits the plan is to post them here. It doesn't matter that it might go undiscovered and unread, just the knowledge that it's here is comfort enough.