Friday, 9 October 2009

Finally some good news for Chuck fans!!

I'm not going to lie to you, I was very worried for a while. Chuck, my actual favourite TV show has been slowly plodding along under the threat of an early demise for a while now as the TV gods mused over it's fate. Only a high profile campaign undertaken by Subway, who have had some rather good product placement in the past, saved our favourite geeky spy from facing the axe.
BUT, talk is that NBC are facing difficulties with their scheduling, having scrapped Southland (? think we may have found the one show I am completely clueless about) they now find themselves with a gaping hole in the middle of their schedule which means Chuck could be aired as soon as the end of October!!! This is the news I've been waiting for. And with talk of Captain Awesome becoming entwined within Chuck's world of espionage, I for one cannot blooming wait!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Aside from the odd family drama, there's not many things that can make me sob. Especially of the audio visual variety. Infact I can only recall watching three things that provoked the full on snotty, bawling your eyes out sort of crying. The first was in Neighbours when Drew Kirk met his maker in probably one of the most cushioned falls from a horse there has ever been, seriously I think the horse was a miniature shetland pony suffering from dwarfism with the short distance he fell, which was apparently fatal. The second was watching the Green Mile, and I defy anyone to watch that film and not be devastated at the outcome. And the last was Grey's Anatomy, I still cannot listen to Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars without thinking of the first time I watched Izzy Stevens discover the body of her dead fiance. Grey's Anatomy has always had this ability with it's storylines and this season's premiere was no less effective.
If you can think back as far as before Summer, and I don't know about you but to me that feels like eaons ago, Grey's fans were faced with the alarming situation of finding two of their favourite residents, BFFs George and Izzy, simultaneously flatlining on hospital beds in Seattle Grace. Fast forward a few months and we continue where we left off, except the team working on Izzy have a better outcome then George's. Yes 007 lovers at approximately 3 minutes into the episode George O'Malley's time of death was called. This moment can now officially be recorded as the 4th time that a television programme or film has made me sob. And weep. And then sob some more. The worst was that I was trying to hide it from my family who were in the room watching something else, but sadly I got to that point where your body is racked with sobs which alerted the attention of my sister, who genuinely thought I'd just discovered I had minutes to live or something. In all seriousness I must applaud the acting of Sara Ramirez who was the main provoker of my sudden burst of emotion. Her reaction was genuinely one of the most devastating moments of the episode.
Anyway, Grey's has been around for far too many seasons for me to even begin to summarise it, so I'll just aim to recap the past two episodes. The first was of course dominated by George's death and funeral. Meredith was concerned by her inability to cry which errupted at the end of the episode when George's locker was emptied, and Izzy's survival. A highlight of the episode was McSteamy's enquiry into how George managed to attract so many hot women, so innapropriate but so needed. The second episode showed our favourite medics reeling from the Chief's shock announcement that due to the current economic climate, Seattle Grace was to merge with Mercy West meaning all staff risked finding themselves unnecessary and therefore out of a job. By the end we were comforted with the knowledge that our core Attendings and Residents were safe, but the poor nurse who has been there since the first season jinxed herself by declaring that 'nurses were the last to know and first to go,' and would you believe it by the end of the episode she was clearing her desk. However, with a new hospital comes new staff, and with the gossip columns leaking that both Ellan Pompeo and Katherine Siegl are taking leave during filming, Ellen because of pregnancy and Katherine because of any reason under the sun if you listen to Perez Hilton, I can only speculate that a lot of drama is on the horizon.

Monday, 5 October 2009

It's the age old question,

what came first, the chicken or the egg? Or rather in the brooding, tortured vampire scenario 'The Vampire Diaries' or Twilight?
The CW's addition to it's Autumn schedule of a show featuring the familiar plotline of goodlooking boy falls for goodlooking girl, but potential for romance is hindered by the fact that he's keeping a pretty hefty secret from her, you know, that he just so happens to be a vampire and is consequently rather dangerous, had many diehard Twilighters aghast at the obvious comparison. Well it turns out my friends, that 'The Vampire Diaries' were around long before Edward Cullen was a mere twinkle in Stephanie Meyer's eye, having been published in 1991. But for those of you who are not remotely bothered by the likeness between the two, and are just overjoyed by the addition of another gorgeous and tortured vampire (and his older and by far sexier brother) to your viewing pleasure, like myself, then read on 'cos this post is for you.
In my opinion 'The Vampire Diaries' is the show to watch this season. Yes it might have been slightly propelled into being a success by the global Twilight hype that seems to have reached all corners of the universe, but it's damned good in it's own right too. For starters it is a hell of a lot darker than Twilight. this is made glaringly obvious within the first 5 minutes of the pilot when a young couple are massacred one after the other, no vegetarion malarkey in Mystic Falls!
It also features all the ingredients for a recipe to success; beautiful leading lady who has experienced great tragedy with losing her parents, hot cheerleading friends, infact there must be something in the water as I'm yet to see a character that's been hit by the ugly stick. But for me the winner is the casting of Ian Somerhalder as the big, bad, older vampire brother providing a stark contrast to Paul Wesley's moral protagonist. It is refreshing to watch an actor revel in the part they are playing with such obvious enjoyment. It's also brilliant to have Ian Somerhalder back on my screen, I never fully recovered from his untimely demise in Lost; infact I wore black in respect to his death the following day, and was only prevented from entering the Victorian practice of withdrawing for a year to mourn by the incovenience of having to sit my A-Levels. I'm not ashamed to admit that his smile makes me go all flustured.
Anyway enough distractions! To give you a brief recap Stefan Salvatore is unbeknown to Elena, his girlfriend by episode 2, a vampire. They are both troubled, he refrains from feeding on humans, she is recently orphaned and living with her young aunt, along with her brother who is dabbling with drugs to cope with his grieving. Both also have a tendency to record their inner most secrets in diaries. However where Stefan goes, so does Damon, who delights in nothing more then making life hell for his younger brother. Oh and did I mention that Elena is the spitting image of Katherine, a deceased vampire who was the cause of the sibling rivalry? Surely history couldn't repeat itself?! There's only one way to find out...go on if you only watch one thing this season make it 'The Vampire Diaries', it'll give you something to sink your teeth into. (Groan!)

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Gossip Girl here...

I'm sorry, so unoriginal but how could I resist such an opportunity?! If only I did reside in the Upper East Side, the residence of, would you believe it, our favourite Upper East Siders.
Now into it's third season Gossip Girl is still as snappy and fast paced as ever. For those of you still to stumble across the next generation's Sex and the City, (and where on earth have you been all this time?) here a summary.
Gossip Girl is an anonymous blogger who regularly post scandals and gossip on New York's wealthiest families and outsiders who become entangled in their Manhateen scene. Her targets are as follows.
Serena Van Der Woodsen: Reformed (albeit known to have occasional relapses) badgirl. Has an on-and-off romance with Dan Humphrey. BFF and occasional frenemy of Blair.
Blair Waldorf: Queen Bee, former childhood sweetheart of Nate Archibald, on-and-off relationship with Chuck Bass. BFF and occassional frnemy of Serena.
Chuck Bass: UES resident bad boy and heir of Bass Industries, on-and-off relationship with Blair Waldorf.
Nate Archibald: descendant of the Vanderbilts, former childhood sweetheart of Nate Archibald, linked with Vanessa Abrams.
Dan Humphrey: AKA 'Lonely Boy', Brooklyn based therefore Upper East Sider outsider, on-and-off relationship with Serena.
Jenny Humphrey: Younger sister of Dan, Upper East Sider wannabe, falls from grace on many an occasion, aspiring fashion designer.
Vanessa Abrams: BFF of Dan, another Brooklyn based outsider, linked with Nate.

Aaaand breathe. Ok, so now no excuses for not knowing who's who. I would summarise the series but it would rival my last 'War and Peace' post, plus that's what wikipedia is here for, which leaves us with Season 3...

Season 3, thank God for Chuck and Blair, I love love loved them spicing up their relationship, more role playing please. Much of the appeal of this pairing was their constant sparring, and I’m glad the writers have managed to successfully maintain it whilst injecting genuine affection. Long live the King and Queen of the Upper East Side. Serena, who was genuinely troubled by Gossip Girl’s label of irrelevant in last season’s finale, is set on keeping herself number one target of the paparazzi in a cry for the attention of her estranged father. Nate needs to become spokesperson of unsuitable relationships, when will this boy realise he needs to get himself a stable normal girlfriend? (Enter Rachel, stage right). He’s only gone and fallen head over heels in love with Bree Buckley, (the Buckleys being the long term rivals of the great Vanderbilt family). Poor Nate. Whilst Little J has all but fallen off the radar, although sources inform me that the new term at Constance is to commence next week and Jenny’s got a fight on her hands to hold onto her Queen Bee title.

That’s all for now Upper East Siders, i haven't exactly displayed my reviewing skills due to summarising but I assure you that next week’s post will be far more recappy and reviewy (yes I created two new words, deal with it!)

So until then, you know you love me, xoxo. Gossip Girl.

(Again, I can only apologise.)

This is harder then I thought!

Wow! Wow, so this was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I have inexplicably ignored my TV experience, and I assure you fellow TV watchers this will end now.
Right, well we have a lot to catch up on guys, for starters since I last posted my outlook on life has changed. Yep, I have succumbed to what many before me have.
I have found the book...
That's right, for the last month and a half, Twilight has been my world. I have evolved from a girl who had never delved into the world of vampire angst and romance to one who is nothing short of obsessed.
But, I hear you cry, what does this have to do with TV?! You're not here to read a blog about yet another girl fawning over the brooding Robert Pattinson, who FYI has been transformed from scruffster to delicious, quicker then you can say Edward Cullen. Sorry, last Twilight reference I promise, (at least for this post) mainly because I can instead refer to the marvellous "The Vampire Diaries" which in my humble opinion is the show to watch this season.
So from now on expect regular updates, recaps and reviews on my favourite shows. Look out for Gossip Girl, House, 90210, Family Guy, Grey's Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, and Desperate Housewives. Fellow Chuck lovers, we can unite here against the torture that is having to wait until March for a new season! I was going to include Neighbours for a slice of Britishness, (I know, I know it's Australian, but ask an Aussie if they watch Neighbours and they'll laugh in your face) but alas since starting work i can no longer race to the sofa at 5.35 for that comforting theme tune. I'm going to be a busy girl, starting imminently. But seeing as this post is soon to become a novel rivalling 'War and Peace' I shall commence my recapping in a new post, starting with...

UPDATE....Due to my current state of unemployment Neighbours has been added back to the blog, and will be accompanied by it's Aussie partner in crime Home and Away.