Monday, 28 December 2009

In the Bleak Mid Winter

Ahhh Christmas. The time of goodwill and joy to all men. A period enjoyed by many as people across the world exchange gifts and spend time with their loved ones. What is there not to love???
I'll tell you's also the time of year when the TV networks like to torture us TV obsessives by putting our favourite shows on their Winter hiatus.

The first sign of this dreaded moment happening was way back in November when the Vampire Diaries departed our screens with the promise of a return at the end of January. The end of January! Er guys Elena has just crashed her car and an incredibly shady looking character is very slowly approaching her, do you really think we can wait for two whole months for our answers? Oh you do, brilliant.
Next to go was Gossip Girl, again off our screens until at least mid Jan. It would be ok but they all seem to realise that we need a good clifff hanger to ensure our return with the show. Now Gossip Girl didn't exactly have the greatest ending but we have learned that Chuck and Blair are meant to be together for ever, Chuck may not be an orphan, and Dan and Vanessa and Serena and Nate need to realise their attraction. I for one can't wait that long for my next helping of Chair!
Gossip Girl was swiftly followed by Glee. Now I don't think I have had the opportunity to profess how much I love Glee. I'm not ashamed to confess I am a Gleek. Everyone should be. And I've YouTube'd the football team's rendition of Single Lady's and the deaf Glee club's tear jerking performance of Imagine too many times to mention. But I have recently discovered that Glee is not scheduled to return until April. April?! Why TV gods why???!!

The only consolation to this hiatus is that as previously mentioned January will bring with it the return of my all time favourite show, Chuck. Due to start on Jan 11th there will also be an episode on Monday 12th marking its return to its regular time slot. I cannot wait. I also urge everyone to tune in as ratings for this underated show are vital to its survival.

I guess that there is one good thing to come from my favourite TV shows abandoning me. I can get back to having a life? Definitely not! I found the balance of working and trying to fit my TV watching habits around commuting to London and socialising with friends a bit of a struggle and therefore abandoned many of my favourites. Which means that the hiatus will give me an opportunity to catch up with House, Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives, amongst others.

So this Christmas Santa is kindly bringing me the viewing of some long lost faves with a side helping of Turkey and Snowballs; maybe this Winter wont be so bleak after all.