Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Vampire Diaries: It's back, and it's better then ever! Part 1.

Hands up if you thought the Vampire Diaries had been off our screens for far too long before its return? I for one definitely did. But the good news is that it's back, and in my opinion it's better then ever.

For those of you with short-term memories, in the last episode before Christmas Elena slept with Stefan only to discover after that she holds more than a resemblance to Stefan/Damon's love of their life (and after life) Katherine. Understandably furious she stormed out, sans necklace, only to get trapped after crashing her car. The last we saw was the car with Elena still trapped, being slowly approached by whoever or whatever she hit.
I was particularly worried about these cliffhangers as I thought it might be the writers building up a storyline to stretch out over this upcoming season. Luckily they've decided to be kind and instead instantly reveal some of the mysteries.

We picked up where the last episode left off. Elena was still screaming her head off about the approaching menacing figure, but luckily she was saved not Stefan but Damon. And worryingly Damon was clueless about who the other vamp was. Passing out, Elena came to in the car with Damon on the way to Georgia. I love the banter between Elena and Damon, and it was quite sweet that even though Elena wasn't wearing her vervain necklace he refrained from using his mind compulsion, so despite her initial protests to turn around, Elena agreed to accompany Damon to his destination and take a timeout from her life.

Their destination was a bar where Damon's former fling Bree worked. It was killing me all through this episode, but thanks to my friends at IMDB I discovered that Bree was also Vanessa's mum in Gossip Girl - just a bit of trivia for you there! I wasn't a fan of her Gossip Girl character, but really liked her as Bree. Her toast to Damon was brilliant:

'Here’s to the man that broke my heart, crushed my soul, destroyed my life, and ruined any and all chances of happiness. Drink up!'
The twist being that Bree was a witch. She'd fallen for Damon at college when they'd both revealed their secret to one another. Damon was of course looking her up to see if she could advise him on how to get Katherine out of the tomb (for those with the short-terms Bonnie had been possessed by Emily, her ancestor who had originally trapped the vamps in the tomb, and destroyed Damon's Diabolical Plan.) Bree told him there was no other way. But she quickly changed her tone when an incredibly pissed off Damon confronted her again. His reason for being so pissed off was that she had alerted the boyfriend of Stefan's vampire BFF Lexie that Damon was in town and he'd tried to set him on fire as revenge. Justified really! Elena managed to talk him out of this and in doing so saved Damon's life. Nice little trump card to play there when needed.

So Damon confronted Bree, who turned out to be a friend of Lexie, and she told him what he needed to know; Damon could free Katherine if he found Emily's spell book. With that Bree was no longer needed and a swift punch through her chest stopped her heart. Job done.

This trip also gave us an insight to how the Vampire Diaries vamps work. Twilight vamps can't eat, but they sure can here, as Damon tucking into a hearty burger and fries proved. As long as they keep enough blood in their bodies then it can keep functioning. Also vamps can't procreate, but 'we'd love to try!' So really, the only way that Elena could be related to Katherine is if she had a daughter before she was turned!!!

This led to Elena confronting Stefan as soon as she got home. I was glad she did this instead of simply ignoring him. Elena wanted to know if she was simply Katherine II to him, but he said she's the complete opposite of Katherine, and that he knew this from before they met! It gets juicier. Basically, Stefan was on one of his visits to see Uncle Zack (RIP) when Elena's parents crashed their car. He was the first on the scene, and could have potentially rescued Elena's father, but he refused to allow it until he had seen to Elena. Stefan rescued her and then went back for the parents, but by then it was too late. He of course realised the resemblance to Katherine and so spent the next few months observing to make sure she hadn't escaped. This literally blew me off my seat.

This bombshell was followed by an even bigger one...the reason Elena resembles Katherine is because she is not a Gilbert, but instead a Pierce. That's right, she is adopted! Of course Elena was devastated by this, but comforted by Stefan's reassurance that the only identification she needs is 'the woman he loves.' I love this couple, almost as much as Chuck and Blair.

This episode also revealed some of Alaric's back story. He is certainly not a vamp, but he has come across them, cue a flash back of Damon feeding on his wife. Ouch!

Stefan of course had to be up to something whilst Elena was road tripping with his bro, so he had a nice bonding session with Bonnie. She'd been struggling to regain her powers since Emily's possession and it was sweet to see Stefan try and help her. We also discovered that Stefan knew her grandmother Sheila. She revealed that she'd told Bonnie to clear her mind of what was scaring her, so he knew she would have returned to the tomb. Thankfully he arrived in enough to time to rescue her after she fell through the ground and within terrifyingly reaching distance of the trapped vamps. She could hear them behind the door! He swooped in and saved her and promised her they wouldn't get out. Here's hoping! Anyway after seeing her safely home, he struck an easy alliance with Sheila, but she warned that if it came down to it, she'd help her own (i.e witches) over keeping their secret.
Finally Elena's brother Jeremy is getting a good storyline delving deep into the history of Mystic Falls. As a history graduate myself I am incredibly jealous at the high standard of his primary source with his family's journals. Through his researching we were introduced to a new character; Anna, who is home-schooled. There's something not quite right about her though. She's very into the myth of vampires being real, and she has some sort of bulky ring which in the Vampire Diaries always means there is a back story! Watch this space.

All in all a very fulfilling episode, it gave us the answers I've been craving for an incredibly long time. I thought it couldn't be topped, but this week's episode changed all that. Read part two for the deets...

Friday, 29 January 2010

CW Crossover Could Mean Vampires on the Upper East Side

Fans of CW shows The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl could soon be about to get the crossover of their dreams. If you’re a fan of actresses Leighton Meester and Nina Dobrev, then you may want to read on.
The executive producer of both shows, Bob Levy, has promised that he will work on getting the actresses, who are real-life friends, to guest star on each other’s shows.
When proposed with the idea, whilst speaking to “E! Online’s” Kristin Dos Santos, Levy said: “I love that idea...we’re gonna work on that. You have my word.”
Dobrev, who is currently starring in The Vampire Diaries as both Elena Gilbert and vampire Katherine Pierce, was equally as excited about the prospect of a crossover exclaiming: “Oh my god, I would love to be on Gossip Girl, I feel like it’s hard to do because we’re both so busy. But I would love to, and I would for her to be on our show. Leighton would make a great vampire, I think.”
Aside from the actresses busy schedules, filming locations would also prove to be problematic; Vampire Diaries shoots in Atlanta whilst Gossip Girl shoots in New York. Levy explains: “The trick is tearing Nina from Atlanta; she’s in almost every scene of every episode. So it’s hard scheduling-wise to work that out. But I love that pitch! Good pitch. We’re gonna work to make it happen.”
Dobrev and Meester are real life friends after they met whilst shooting The Roommate, a psychological thriller about a disturbed college freshman.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Chuck vs Operation Awesome

When Chuck first returned to our screens a couple of weeks ago I wrote that something didn't feel right. The whole dynamics of the gang had changed and as I'm a creature of habit, I don't like change. Well this week's episode blew all of that right out of the water. It was, as far as I'm concerned, the best episode of Chuck yet.

Last week's episode left us on a major cliffhanger; a Ring agent had mistaken Awesome for a CIA spy with his fate left unknown, and this episode resumed where the last left off.

Immediately we were introduced to a new Ring operative, Sidney Prince who believed Devon to be a world class spy and wouldn't hear otherwise. So whilst Chuck's is freaking out about his brother-in-law's fate in the Castle, she's prepping Awesome about an upcoming mission that if he fails to complete, will result in death. I was initially worried that the episode would centre around team Bartowski's rescue mission but luckily less than 10 minutes Devon turns up the Buy More equipped with a phone for Sidney to contact him on, and the plan to aid Awesome was in action, the problem being the Ring think he's Chuck. Devon later arrives at Casey's with a box and receives instructions from Sidney to put on the headset for her to communicate with him and the GPS tracking watch. Oh and one small thing, act against orders or remove the headset and she will detonate the earpiece as it's rigged with explosives.

One of the best things about this episode is that it the transition of the characters felt natural. Awesome becomes all but a season 1 Chuck stand in. He's the nervy newcomer into the spy world and looks to Chuck for reassurance, therefore Chuck has to play Sarah's role. I thought it was great to see Chuck become more independent and more confident in his new career. Anyway the mission Devon was sent on left me reeling, I love it when a TV show makes me GOL (gasp out loud) and this week's episode was full of GOL moments. Devon (heavily aided by Chuck) had to follow Sidney's instructions and make his way to the 12th floor of the Crystal Towers. By the way how much did love Chuck's precautions to avoid Devon confusing both his GPS watches by labelling them 'Good Guys', 'Bad Guys' - brilliant! Anyway once they reach the 12th floor, (after an amazing tranq gun display by Chuck), Sidney's instructions become a lot more menacing and the storyline becomes a lot juicier. Sidney's instructions are to kill the man occupying the 12th floor, but just as they arrive Chuck observes that they are in a CIA office and loses contact with Casey and Sarah, who have remained in the car to capture Sidney.

Gasp no. 1: The mission is a set-up, and Sarah and Casey are in lock-down in the van. Chuck and Awesome are on their own, and Sidney's on her way to the 12th floor.

Gasp no. 2: the guy on the 12th floor is more than aware who Chuck and Awesome are, and instructs Chuck to shoot him after popping a pill. Chuck's aversion to guns poses as a problem though and he can't bring himself to do it. So the guy shoots himself and tells Chuck to put the gun in Devon's hand, hide, and read this note when it's all over. Who is this mystery man?!

So the plan goes smoothly and Sidney, believing Devon to have successfully completed the mission by himself, removes the ear piece, welcomes him to the Ring and informs him that she'll be in touch.

This is when Devon proves his worth again, the note reveals that mystery man took amiodarone which stopped his heart and that they are to save him. An injection of adrenaline does the trick and we find out that mystery man is actually CIA Agent Daniel Shaw, who is in charge of the operation to bring down the Ring. Next problem; as far as Sidney is concerned, Devon is still a world class spy and has now gained entrance into the Ring.

Back in the Castle we learn more info about Agent Shaw. The General reveals that he has global control over any mission involving the Ring and he knows everything there is to know about Operation Bartowski; including Chuck and Sarah's relationship. Shaw states that the next game plan is to use Devon as a mole in the Ring, this once again freaks Chuck out as he's reluctant to involve Awesome in anything else spy related. Shaw confronts Chuck to state a better plan and we see Chuck's Nerd Herd skills come to use. He manages to tap into the phone and call Sidney, revealing that Devon had been a proxy and he was the spy she was seeking, and arranges a meeting at...where else but the Buy More.

Sidney and back-up arrive, but would you believe it intersect fail. Chuck is left unarmed and helpless against the bad guys, who as a result don't believe his claim. Shaw orders Casey and Sarah to refrain from helping Chuck as he brought the situation on himself. But ignoring orders Casey and Sarah go and rescue their asset. It all once again comes down to Chuck's inability to use a gun. Casey takes out the back up and we have the weekly girl on girl fight. But when it comes down to Chuck to finish Sidney off he just can't pull the trigger. Luckily Agent Shaw can. He also doesn't like guns, but states it helps to know how to use one. So with that, Sidney is dead and Devon is officially free.

At the debriefing, Shaw reprimands Chuck for letting his emotions get in the way and cause him to disobey orders. He looks to Sarah to support him saying that his dedication to his family will make him vulnerable. She disagrees, giving hope to all us Chuck-Sarah fans, and looks at Chuck poignantly saying 'sometimes it helps to know you have something to lose.'

Intermittently there was a brilliant Buy More storyline. Chuck's emotional stress at the beginning of the episode meant that he was unable to control the intersect. He'd already offended a Japanese customer (in fluent Japanese) and when Lester began play fighting with him when asking who would win in a fight, Jean Claude Van Damme or Steven Seagal, the intersect went into full kung fu mode and floored Lester with a roundhouse kick. Unfortunately the adrenaline made Lester feel alive for the first time since his Bar Mitzvah and prompted him to create a Buy More fight club. Cue all the Buy More employees walking around with pretty impressive shiners and sunglasses, and a fabulous cage fighting scene. Big Mike, who had been impressed with Morgan's recent commanding of respect from his peers, promoted Morgan to Assistant Manager, so it was down to our favourite hairy one to close down the fight club, humiliating Lester in front of the store with the threat of a sacking.

So the episode ended on a high, but not without the weekly tease of a new mystery. Team Bartowski were joined by Morgan and the Awesomes at Chuck's bachelor pad for a nice meal of sushi (courtesy of Morgan) but were watched by Agent Shaw on CCTV fondling a wedding ring. What is this mystery? Has Shaw lost his wife? Does she look like Sarah? (He did seem to be looking at her oddly.) Luckily we have less than 24 hours from me writing this blog to find out.

Thank heaven for small mercies!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Families that dance together, stay together...

Normally when recapping a series for the first time I try to give a brief summary of the history of the programme. To do this for Neighbours I would need you to put on a cuppa and put aside enough time to read War and Peace thrice, so I'm going to do the unthinkable and assume that you are as much of a fan as me, and therefore are familiar with the goings on of our favourite Australian street.

Last week in Ramsey Street saw the build up to the deb ball and a killer dance routine by Kate Ramsey. Having previously blown her chances impressing Jason Coleman, (who after googling I now know is a renowned dance choreographer in Australia) Kate is rewarded with a second chance audition to join The Ministry of Dance, which take us up to Monday...

The effects of the Deb Ball are still being felt by many, mainly due to a nice helping of food poisoning, which through Steph's deductions we discover resulted from Lyn Scully's sandwiches. Steph urges her mum to take responsibility, but Lyn's terrified that the repercussions could lead to Harold's being shut down and guilt's Steph to keep this between themselves. However neither are aware that Lou has overheard their whispered conversation and as a result has realised that Lyn is the food poisoning culprit. He uses this information to his advantage and blackmails Lyn in order for his secrecy. Steph is uncomfortable about lying to everyone so urges Lyn to come clean and contact the Health Department, reassuring her that she'll have her support. With this in mind Lyn calls of her deal with Lou and calls the Health Department, but is unprepared for the consequences.

Meanwhile in the Ramsey household Harry is still being given the cold shoulder by Sophie. Guilt-ridden Harry tries to make amendments but his attempts fall short. Kate, who is already suffering from food poisoning and stress due to her family's disintegration receives a phone call informing her that her Ministry of Dance audition has been brought forward. Heading off to the audition Kate is aware that entry into the Ministry could be her family's saving grace. Once inside the audition room however, Kate suffers from an attack of the nerves. Alone in the dressing room she's about to give up her dream until the ghost of her mother appears and offers her the words of encouragement she so desperately needed. She goes out and nails the audition, but has she done enough?

Tuesdays Episode:

It's the day of Donna's 18th birthday, but also the day before the gang's English exam which puts Ringo in the difficult position of having to please his girlfriend whilst making sure he is prepared for his exam.

On her birthday, Donna receives a present from Saffron which only serves to remind her of the fantastic opportunity that she gave up, leading her to blame Ringo for all her problems.

With Ringo committed to studying for his exams and Donna deciding to wing it, their problems come to a blow at her birthday meal.

Meanwhile after being awarded a place in the Ministry of Dance, Kate returns home to find relations still bad between Harry and Sophie. Aware of the threat that they might be split up, Harry once again tries to make amends without success, until a the prospect of a crisis leads to Sophie showing forgiveness.

isn't aiding her recovery. As if she didn't have enough to deal with already, a phone call informing her that her Ministry of Dance audition has been forward adds to her already overwhelming problems.

Monday, 18 January 2010

There is a God..On the Upper East Side at least!

Amidst all the January detoxes and diets, and on this rather dreary Monday morning I thought I would share with you some joy...

If like me, you are obsessed with Gossip Girl not only for the scandalous story lines and fabulous fashions, but also because of the abundance of beautiful people, what I am about to reveal is sure to fill you with delight.

Is one of your New Year's Resolution to lose some weight in order to get the figure of either Leighton Meester or Blake Lively? If so it seems that a celebrity fad diet is not the answer but instead a good old pair of Spanx! This is straight out of the horse's mouth, or at least the costume designer Eric Damon, who revealed

"They don't [diet]. They just get some good underwear and they're fine. I say, just enjoy yourself. If you put on a couple of pounds, then great, buy some Spanx."

So there you go ladies, good news for all involved! Not only do we no longer have to survive on a diet of maple syrup and hot water and lemon to achieve Gossip Girl's enviable figures but Spanx are officially fashionable, fact. If it's good enough for the Upper East Side, then it's damned well good enough for me!!

Saturday, 16 January 2010


An awful thought occurred to me just now after completing my thesis on Chuck. In my introduction to this blog (alongside all my favourite American TV shows and copious amounts of gushing over a English heartthrob's depiction of a eternally 17 year old vampire) I promised recaps and gossip about my favourite Australian soaps. For those unaware of the existence of Ramsey Street and Summer Bay I'm talking about Neighbours and Home and Away; of which I have been an avid viewer of for many many years.

So, as of Monday, alongside all my regular recaps and gossip, you can expect updates of what's occurring Down Under. Oh and also House. Lots and lots of House in fact as I feel like I should dedicate another thesis to the first episode alone, if Hugh Laurie is not awarded with Best Actor Emmy then something is seriously seriously wrong!

Until Monday then, in the words of the deceased Stingray 'Cop ya!'

Chuck vs the Angel de la Muerte

As you can gather from my last post, I had been hyping myself up about the return of Chuck to my TV viewing schedule for quite some time. Now I can't put my finger on it but something didn't feel right after watching the first two episodes, it was still Chuck but not quite as smooth as at the end of Season Two. Luckily this feeling of doubt wasn't to last, as Chuck vs the Angel de la Muerte (which marked the show returning to it's regular Monday slot) was an episode back to the show's usual excellent standard.

The episode was quite Ellie and Awesome weighted, which can according to some critics, be slightly hit or miss. Mr and Mrs Awesome are bored, after all the excitement of the build up to their wedding during the last season, they seem to be in a rut and Devon has started looking elsewhere for a much needed adrenaline rush; i.e Chuck and the CIA. Chuck of course is horrified at the prospect of any Awesome involvement, and is guarded about his missions, cue a rather blase summary; 'black tie event, bad guy selling weapons, we bring down bad guy.' Of course despite Chuck's objections Awesome inevitably becomes entwined in the world of espionage.
This is mainly due to the attempted assassination of a former Communist dictator, (definitely not based on Castro), from Costa Gravas, (definitely not based on Cuba.) Premier Alejandro Goya is attempting to change Costa Gravas into a democratic republic and has as a result become the target of an assassination plot. It is therefore down to Team Bartowski to protect him, much to the disgust of Casey a through and through Republican and three time attempted assassin of the Premier. Enter Awesome. The Premier has been poisoned and Devon is his assigned doctor. Awesome being an awesome doctor saves his life and is invited to a rather swanky event at the Costa Gravas embassy as a way of saying thank you, and it doesn't help that Ellie very much so catches the eye of the Premier and is ordered to remain by his side the entire night. As Awesome is in the know about the plot, he freaks and orders Chuck and Sarah to get their spy on. They do, but sadly end up dealing with a political activist and not the assassin. Casey has to dive in to the rescue, even though he is widely known as the Angel de la Muerte and is mistaken in his disguise by Awesome as the assassin. Cue Casey locked up in the Costa Gravas embassy and the General refusing to give orders to resue him due to precarious relations with the Premier. The real assassin succeeds in his plot to once again poison the Premier and Awesome is recalled on to help treat him. This gives Sarah and Chuck an opportunity to penetrate the embassy without it resulting in war. After a smackdown with the guards (I think Devon know sees the attraction of Sarah) the duo burst in to rescue Casey who has had his own brawl with the assassin and has now too been poisoned.
Cue Intersect 2.0 to the rescue. We already see it come into action this episode showcasing some outstanding dancing skills, but Chuck is forced to put it to the test when one of the guards demands that he treat Casey to prove that he truly is a doctor (his disguise) and not another assassin. The Intersect doesn't fail and Chuck successfully removes the bullet. The added twist is that Awesome reveals that the Premier will die if he doesn't receive a blood transfusion, his blood type being AB Negative. The only match; yep you guessed it Colonel John Casey who most definitely did not want his blood running through a 'Commie Bastard.' After a bit of blood stealing the Premier was saved and Costa Gravas was on route to becoming democratic.
What no one saw was the unbelieveable cliff hanger ending. Chuck and Sarah are thawing by the hour and have decided that their new cover will be friends. Awesome has decided that the life of espionage is not for him because it's not a real life. So with one more patient left to treat he rewards himself with the thought of returning to his loving wife. Unfortunately that one last patient turns out to be the assassin (who earlier identified himself to Casey as a member of the Ring) and who believes Awesome to be CIA. He also has another syringe of poison, his weapon of choice.
So we finish with a visit from Sarah to Chuck, barely holding back the tears with the news 'Devon's been...' and Ellie enquiring after the whereabouts of her husband. Bring on Monday! Chuck is back to it's finest, this was a fast paced episode which remained energetic the whole way through. Special mention to Adam Baldwin who revels in his role as Casey. He is seriously becoming my favourite character and is in my opinion definitely one of the funniest characters from the show, possibly only sharing the accolade with Jeffster. Which leads me to my final thought; where were the Buy Morians? Granted there really was no room for them in this week's episode, but I hope this isn't the producers phasing them out, or at least not without one final performance from the mighty Jeffster!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

What is the perfect antidote to the post Christmas blues?

God I hate January. Not only does it feel like Christmas happened a day and age ago, it is accompanied by the two things I hate the most; post Christmas binge remorse and the return to the dreaded commute.

Luckily for me however, this year January 2010 has redeemed itself as I have now been reunited with my beloved Chuck. In fact, NBC could also be described as the Ferrero Rocher of TV networks, as Monsieur with these episodes you are spoiling us, with not one, but three outings with our favourite faux spy!

Avid Chuck fans will remember that we last saw our favourite geeky Nerd Herder downloading the Intersect 2.0 in order to defeat Operation Bartowski's newest nemesis; the elusive Ring. As with Season One which concluded with a brief introduction to Fulcrum, the major enemy of Season Two, the end of the last season revealed the larger threat of the Ring so we can prepare ourselves for the mystery to be uncovered throughout this season.

Our first sighting of Chuck in S301 Chuck vs the Pink Slip was of what appeared to be a calm and suave spy taking full control of a dangerous situation and demonstrating some pretty impressive kung fu skills. All was not what it appeared to be, this was in fact a CIA drill and we soon discovered that this intersect had a pretty major flaw; Chuck can't access the skills he needs when emotionally unstable and panicking. Because of this General Beckmann fires Chuck's ass and 6 months later he's become a bearded bum that doesn't move from the sofa and survives on a diet of cheesy puffs. We also discover that his on/off relationship with Sarah is most definitely off. Flashbacks throughout the episode reveal that Sarah pleaded with Chuck to go on the run and try to have a 'normal' life only for him to turn up at the station to reluctantly inform her he can't turn his back on helping people in need. Chuck consequently loses his dream girl.
After imposing himself on a mission and compromising both Sarah and Casey's cover Chuck ultimately saves the day. This means Operation Bartowski is back on and the team is to remain in place, much to both Sarah and Casey's dismay. The only difference is that this time they're not protecting Chuck from the world, but rather the world from Chuck!

The second episode of the evening Chuck vs the Three Words saw the return of one of my favourite characters, Sarah's best CIA bud Carina. Catrina is once again on a risky operation involving stealing a deadly dangerous weapon from her 'fiance' (a brilliant guest spot by Vinnie Jones who must have had to dig deep for inspiration to play a cockney hard man!) The reoccurring theme of this episode is love. Carina is the epitome of a cold ruthless spy who despairs when she realises Sarah has broken the main spy role of not falling in love. Morgan becomes once again infatuated with Carina only to eventually find the strength to give her a right good telling off for her treatment of him and that he would turn down the opportunity to sleep with her. Ultimately the gang succeed in stealing the weapon, thanks to a heartfelt speech from Chuck which provides the perfect diversion for some serious ass kicking. Ultimately however we learn why Chuck left Sarah at the station and chose a life of espionage. It was because he had to help people just like Sarah taught him, he had to be a hero and because he loved her. Carina having seen that her friend would never be able to leave Burbank because of her feelings, left with the parting gift of the CCTV for Sarah to watch which confessed all this. But for me the best part of the episode was Carina reeling from someone saying no to her and as a result hooking up with Morgan at the house party. Cue Morgan punching the air after being told that she's had better, 'but not many'.

It seems only apt to end this post by paying our respect to the brilliant and sure to be greatly missed Emmett Hale, who met his maker in a rather violent way. If only he hadn't been so cocky! For those of you wishing to pay further respects, visit the Chuck minisite on the NBC website where you can leave your own tribute to the emperor of Buy Moria. Still it resulted in the return of Big Mike, so swings and roundabouts I guess!
Anyway make sure you check back soon for a review of Monday's episode Chuck vs the Angel de la Muerte.