Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Vampire Diaries...'Fool Me Once...'

I have officially had it up to hear with hiatus'. One minute I'm revelling in joy from the return of my favourite show to then be crumbling in despair by the news that it is disappearing out of my life for a fortnight/month/quarter of a year etc. Can you blame me then for prolonging recapping the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries? As leaving it for so long meant that I had an excuse to re watch it, and boy was it worth it as it is a cracker of an episode!

A quick reminder, the previous episode ended with Elena being snatched from her room by the terrifyingly tiny Anna, who is hellbent on opening the tomb to rescue her mother Pearl, and it is here where the episode picks up.

Elena comes to in a hotel room being carefully watched by a sleeping Ben, and in a moment of suspense that Kevin Williamson does so well, attempts to creep from the room without waking him. But it would be far too simple for her to escape right at the beginning of the episode so of course Ben caught her out. What I love about TVD is that the female characters aren't victims. Last week Bonnie realised she was in danger and was quick witted enough to leave her jacket to give the illusion she was just going to the bathroom and not running away. In this episode Elena took advantage of the fact that Ben is a newbie vampire; he tried to compel her after her escape attempt and she played along with it promising to behave, only to then make another run at the door. She would have got away with it too if it wasn't for that pesky Anna!

Luckily her recapture meant that she discovered an unconscious Bonnie in the bathroom. Again, using her wits Elena switched on the tap to avoid some vampy eavesdropping and together they deduced that Anna and Ben intended to use Bonnie to get into the tomb, all they needed was the Grimoir.

Meanwhile Stefan's majorly worrying about Elena. There is no way of telling if Damon's blood is out of her system, so if Elena dies then that might mean she could actually become Katherine 2.0. We also learn how much Elena's betrayal last week hurt Damon. Even after Stefan apologises for his role in Katherine's capture Damon shows no forgiveness and instead tells Stefan he hopes Elena dies.

The non-vamp story is revolving around Duke from Duke's party at the old cemetery tonight. What are the odds? Isn't that where the tomb that's securing God knows how many mummified vampires who are just waiting to be released is? And Tyler's back too...have you missed him as little as me?

Anyway back to the hostage situation. Damon pays a visit to Bonnie's grandmother. who used her anger towards him to reveal that she is a super powerful witch managing to both cause him major head pain and successfully perform a locating spell. Whilst Anna was meeting to Damon to collaborate with their Diabolical Plans, Stefan bursts into the hotel room to rescue Elena and Bonnie and tells Ben to get the hell out of town. Which means Anna returns to a cowering Ben in an empty hotel room, she has lost her bargaining tool and has no other option then to just turn up when Damon attempts to open the tomb. Luckily she's agreed to meet Jeremy at the party so she can fulfil her plot to use Gilbert blood to revive her mother. Keeping up? Good!

Back at Bonnie's grandmother's there is a POA. The only answer it seems is to open the tomb and let Damon rescue Katherine in order to get him out of every one's life. The only problem is getting Damon on board. Stefan knows that he has no shot convincing his brother so Elena takes it upon herself to pay him a visit. It's quite revealing that Elena who has barely gotten to know Damon has more of an impact then his own brother, on more then one occasion during this episode. To prove that they're not tricking him Elena takes off her necklace and asks him to ask her if it's a trick. Damon needs no more conviction and in a moment filled with steamy chemistry fastens Elena's necklace for her before revealing that he didn't compel her in Georgia because they were having fun and he wanted it to be real. So Damon is officially on board and they head to the woods.

Bonnie and Grams have already set up and are chanting in some fancy witch language. The plan is for Damon to go in, grab Katherine and then Stefan can torch the rest. On route Elena and Damon bump into Matt and Caroline, who in a moment of insecurity grabs Matt's hand to prove ownership; Caroline gives Matt a number of speeches during this episode and it looks like their relationship is going strong. I'm pleased about this, they both need someone to love them properly. But back to the main event...whilst Stefan went to retrieve his vamp torching kit Damon insists that Elena accompanies him into the tomb. Bonnie and Grams are horrified but Elena is understanding, insisting that he needs her for protection that they don't just lock him in the tomb. Stefan encounters a problem when he runs into Anna, Ben and an unconscious Jeremy. Anna forces him to choose between preventing her from rescuing her mother or saving Jeremy from becoming Ben's main course. Someone needs to remind Ben that pride comes before a fall, gloating way too soon Ben mocks Stefan about his diet claiming that Stefan can't defeat him because human blood makes him stronger. Sadly Ben didn't account for the mahoosive flamethrower of Stefan's; game over.

Anna creeps past the witches and into the tomb, Bonnie makes to stop her but her Grams drops a massive bombshell; "She isn't coming out, baby. None of them are." The seal hasn't been broken after all, vamps can go in, but they can't come out!!!

In the tomb Damon has abandoned Elena in his eagerness to rescue Katherine; cue some shots of the emaciated vamps which did make me jump, but I do think the one at the end looked like he's escaped from MJ's Thriller video. Anna finding Elena alone decides to use her to revive her mother, shame she doesn't know about the adoption; not technically Gilbert blood!

Stefan hears Elena's screams and races in to the tomb even though Bonnie and Grams warn him that the seal is still up so he won't be able to get out. Promising Elena he'll be right behind her, Elena learns that her vamp bf and his bro are now to be trapped in the tomb for eternity. Bonnie is really upset by this, after all Stefan has proved his good nature by saving her life on more than one occasion now and convinces her Grams to lift the seal so that Stefan and Damon can escape. This is powerful mojo, you can see the effect it has on the witches and Gram warns that even if they can lift the seal it wont be for long so they need to hurry. I felt a bit sorry for Stefan during this bit. He just revealed to his girlfriend that he has risked his freedom to save her and Elena's reaction was immediate concern for Damon as she promised they wouldn't betray him. Anyway Stefan races to fetch Damon, and Anna and Pearl escape with the promise that they wont hurt Jeremy. Stefan finds Damon breaking down because, major twist alert...Katherine isn't in the tomb. In a fit of rage Damon chucks the bag of blood he brought to revive her against the wall. Probably not the smartest move with all those emaciated vamps but never mind. Damon doesn't listen to Stefan's pleas to hurry until Elena comes back down to beg. Luckily the threesome get out before the seal is replaced..or is it? Turns out no because at the end of the episode the Thriller reject escapes.

I found the next scene so heartbreaking. Damon looks absolutely devastated, all his plotting has been for nothing. With Stefan looking on Elena tries to comfort Damon with a hug and whispers 'I'm sorry', Damon can't even hug her back he's that crushed. Amazing acting by Ian Somerhalder; if only I could comfort him myself!

Back at the hotel room a vengeful Damon wants some answers. Waiting for Pearl and Anna he wanted to know why they got a happy ending and he didn't. It turns out that Katherine managed to bribe the guard to the church and she was never in the tomb. The last time Anna saw her was 1983 in Chicago, she'd known where Damon was and didn't care!

But Damon wasn't the only one to not get a happy ending. Back at Gram's house, Bonnie brings her a glass of water only to find the spell had exhausted her so much that she dies! This set me off, as soon as Leona began to sing Run I knew I was going. Bonnie screaming for Elena and protesting she can fix it was incredibly emotional, and then cutting to Damon gazing into a fire with Stefan watching on only added to the sadness. Brilliant acting from all involved.

So the episode ends with some closure to old stories and the beginning of some new. Jeremy through his dealings with Anna is now investigating vampire and turning to the world wide web. I couldn't work out if Anna went all vampy because she was lusting after Jeremy, I like to think so because they were cute. Matt and Caroline are official, so will the three of them discover vampires exist and Vicki didn't just leave town? Damon's whole purpose for his entire one hundred and so many years has been for nothing, Katherine was playing him all along. So will he now seek revenge? He was meant to leave town, will he stick around for a new love triangle containing Elena? Will Bonnie want revenge for the death of Grams? What will become of the escapee vamp? And what about Alaric, what's his story?!

Seeing as I managed to put off writing this blog for so long there's only about 3 weeks to wait until the next episode, as opposed to 5. In my opinion that's still 2 weeks too many to have to wait for the next installment. How many more times do you think is acceptable to re watch the last couple of episodes before it becomes shameless? I can't believe I'm about to confess the following, but I think the Vampire Diaries obsession has overtaking Twilight...I'm sorry R-Patz, now where can I find Paul and Ian?!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Children of the Damned...

OK, so I am more than aware that my past god knows how many posts have focused on the Vampire Diaries. But in my defence that's because the past god knows how many episodes have revealed so much that if I don't write it all down I'll forget. As soon as I've recapped the last two episodes my focus will go to Chuck and it's by now incredibly controversial episode and House. Promise!

But back to business. Children of the Damned was a much anticipated episode as it promised flashbacks, and with flashbacks come answers. Immediately we discover that Damon learned everything he knows from Katherine as she pulled the 'Help me!' highway trick on a horse and cart, but it was her feeding that was the gross out moment. It was after she'd finished munching on her victim and she forced a still human, Damon to kiss her bloody mouth as he'd have to get a 'taste for it.' Throughout the episode we gained an insight into pre-vamp brothers relationship, and how the woman they've obsessed over for centuries manipulated them; Stefan letting her feed on him during sex for example! But one of the major highlights was that we were finally introduced to Daddy Salvatore and discovered what went down between him and Damon.

Daddy Salvatore was one of the founding members of the original vampire hunters which unsurprisingly caused a problem with his sons' object of affection. This is where we finally discover why Stefan blames himself for Katherine's capture. Stefan thought that confiding in his father about Katherine and claiming that she was different to other vampires and not evil might save her, but Damon pleaded with him not to, knowing his father would show no mercy. So Stefan's betrayal is that he followed his instincts with disastrous consequences; his father secretly laced his drink with vervain, which exposed Katherine as a vampire and resulted in her being carted off in a Hannibal Lecter mask. So now we know why Damon no longer trusts Stefan.

We also find out why Damon resents Stefan so much. Damon's decision to leave the confederates meant that Giuseppe labelled him a deserter leaving him with a higher regard for Stefan. so it's not surprising that Damon alludes Stefan as constantly siding with their father. It's also quite ironic that he decided to leave the army because of his respect for human life, seeing as he doesn't think twice about snacking on a local. It's quite sad to watch actually, even alive Damon was lonely.

Still so many questions though! It's obvious that Damon was besotted with Katherine, accepting what she was by kissing her when she's all bloody, but when did she turn him? Did Damon then turn Stefan out of revenge? These are the next answers I want please! Many thanks.

The flashbacks also provided some answers about the mysterious Anna. She doesn't want to get the tomb open to rescue Katherine, she wants to save her mum, or 'mom', Pearl. To draw vampy comparisons Katherine's like the original Damon, and Pearl could almost be the original Stefan. She seems fairly good natured and even appeared to be having a genuine romance with Jonathan Gilbert, he of the original journal. His discovery of her true identity was quite tragic, I really believe she returned his feelings. But into the tomb she went. So Anna is hellbent on rescuing her mum, but seeing as Damon works alone, she's going to have to follow suit. Through the power of deduction Stefan and Damon work out that Emily's Grimoir lies in Guiseppe's grave.

So back to the present day, one of my favourite scenes of TVD so far has to be family night. I particularly enjoyed Damon getting Aunt Jenna drunk and then playing video games with Jeremy. I loved him smirking when he heard Jenna say to Elena that he was 'ridiculously hot' and then roll his eyes when Elena called him an ass. I'm really beginning to route for Damon, yeah he is an 'ass' but it's obvious that he craves the companionship of Katherine, so it's quite tragic when he repeatedly asks Elena if he can trust Stefan, especially as he knows he can't compel her so he's relying on her honesty. Somehow Elena managed to convincingly lie.

Whilst family night's happening, Stefan had gone to snatch the Gilbert journal from Alaric. The teacher learned the hard way that he might want to leave a few lights on, but brownie points for being wise and making a copy of the journal, unfortunately when he sensed vampy presence he left said journal on his desk. Whilst using a impressive cross bow/wooden stake combo on Stefan (fail- he caught the stake) Anna used the opportunity to steal it for herself. Thank goodness for the copy! And now Stefan knows about Alaric's connection to Damon, although he wisely advised to keep schtum and promised to help. Eerily, the body of his wife was never found. Does that mean she's a vampire too? Brilliant; another mystery to unravel. Especially as the next episode wraps up the tomb saga!

So anyway whilst Stefan and Elena headed to Daddy Salvatore's grave, Damon had tracked down Anna for access to the journal and figured out the answer for himself. It was obvious that he expected the betrayal from his brother, but he looked genuinely hurt by Elena's disloyalty. Stefan didn't believe his threats to hurt Elena, but Damon had other intentions, he forced her to drink some of his blood, and then threatened to break her neck. Elena could actually become Katherine II. Stefan dutifully handed over the book and Damon washed his hands of them both.

So now Damon has the journal and presumably all the means to now put Diabolical Plan: the Sequel into action. Stefan and Elena headed back to hers as she was all headachey from Damon's blood, obviously she's not used to the toxins like Vicki was-she just got high. Unfortunately in the mean time Jeremy had a friend of his own round to play, in the form of a menacing Anna. So when Stefan gallantly went to get aspirin for Elena, Anna took matters into her own hands and kidnapped Elena, presumably to hold her ransom and use her as a ticket to get into the tomb. Which is where the episode left us with Stefan racing up the stairs only to find an empty room with an open window...

The other storyline of the episode was Bonnie finally getting some action. Sadly it was action of the wrong sort, as we learned last week that her date was a newly turned vamp. After a date karaoking where he sang Metallica (I would have made my excuses then and been in bed with a cuppa!) they went for coffee which led to a kiss. Only during the kiss Bonnie's witchy senses came into play and she sensed he was dangerous. After a sneaky ploy to escape by leaving her jacket to make it look like she'd return, Ben intercepted her at the door and Bonnie too found herself kidnapped. Cliffhanger central kiddos. And I can tell you on good authority that the following episode, the last before a 5 week hiatus (boo!) reveals even more answers, and involves the tomb finally being open, resulting in a casualty. To be recapped ASAP!!!!!

Monday, 1 February 2010

The Vampire Diaries: it's back and it's better then ever, part 2

So it was with much anticipation that I sat down to last week's episode of the Vampire Diaries, as revealed in my last post the previous episode gave us some crucial answers and luckily this one was no disappointment.

Straight away we get the confirmation we've all been waiting for; the menacing figure Elena hit with her car is definitely a vampire. This is risky for both Elena and the Salvatore brothers as he obviously has Elena targeted, and having more vamps around means more suspicious deaths. As a result Stefan is worried about Elena and her friends well being so gives her a supply of vervain disguised as jewellery and trinkets. Finally Caroline is protected!

In the meantime Damon is busy drafting up his Diabolical Plan: the Sequel, writing down the names of the original vampire hunters. What's more Stefan has offered his help, but on the condition that only Katherine is released from the tomb, no others.

Almost immediately though, the mysterious vamp makes his way into Elena's house when an unknowing Jeremy invited him in. Silly Jeremy! We'll let him off though, he was disguised as a pizza delivery boy; which is very sneaky, even by vampire's standards! But we all know what this means; the vampire has been invited into the Gilbert's house, ere go Elena is most definitely in danger. Luckily Stefan again has a gadget to help, and gives Jonathan Gilbert's compass to Elena which points in the direction of a vampire; something to do with electro magnets or summin about summin.

What I'm sure Stefan didn't bank on was Elena leaving the compass on her bed whilst she majorly backcombed her hair for the 'sock hop', pay attention Elena, that dial is going mental on your bed!!! Mystery vamp was lurking with the intentions of attacking her. Luckily Stefan arrives just in time, and recruits Damon's help to catch the mysterious vamp, together they devise a plan which involves them all going to the dance. Cue probably one of the best school dances ever to grace a CW show, my favourite bit by far was Damon bumping and grinding with a random and then busting some sort of tango move. Loved Elena's comment; 'you really can't take him anywhere, can you?' My second was Stefan and Elena's dancing, I liked her teasing him about his age and asking him to hand jive, and I loved him dipping her and then finishing off with a passionate kiss.

So anyway, their plan worked and whilst dancing they spotted the mystery vamp, only to discover he'd pulled the classic swapped outfit trick. Instead he doubled back on himself and managed to lure Elena away by threatening to kill Jeremy. Luckily Stefan arrived just in time AGAIN and by torturing mystery vamp managed to finally get some answers. So we now know that Noah (the mystery vamp) knew Katherine, and that to access the tomb open they need Elena's family journal which will tell them how to get Emily's grimoire. Then in a massively sexy but disturbing turn of events Stefan staked Noah, and explained his actions as 'he'd been invited in.' What the boys failed to discover is that earlier on Jeremy actually handed over his father's journal to Alaric as it's porn for history teachers AND his cute stalker Anna is actually also a vamp and as set on getting the journal as the Salvatore bros.

Sorry for this blatant recapping, but seeing as each episode of the Vampire Diaries brings with it a season's worth of revelations there is no other way to incorporate all the answers. Here's a list of more twists that were revealed:

Alaric's wife was called Isabel, there is a chance that she could be Elena's mother! He's playing a risky game actually, he was trying to dig too much info out of Damon and then nearly walked in on the Salvatore's sorting out the Noak problem, Damon used his compulsion on him but it was later revealed that Alaric was wearing I'm not sure how this one is going to end. Aunt Jenna seems to be interested though.

There was a cute romance between Matt and Caroline, not much to report except he needed to get over his prejudices, which he did.

But the Bonnie romance was slightly more shocking. She had some serious flirting going on with the new barman Ben, later after encouragement from Caroline she wangled a date, but in a twist that I did not see coming the episode ended with him being stalked by Anna. Now I thought this meant he was toast and that Bonnie would suffer more disappointment, but no Ben is also a vampire and is part of Anna's pack/clan/gang? What's the terminology for a collection of vampires? Answers on a postcard please! Anyway they're going to use the little witch to get to Elena and the journal.

Lastly, STEFAN WAS BLUFFING! He's not actually going to help Damon open the tomb, he just lied because this way he'll be in on the know of Diabolical Plan: the Sequel.

As I said this episode was full to the brim with answers, and as I've been fortunate enough to the see the following episode I can reveal that it is as equally satisfying. Plus it contains flashbacks of pre-vamp Salvatore brothers and gives an insight into their relationship with Katherine.

Make sure you check back to discover all the juicy gossip!