Saturday, 13 March 2010

Chuck Me, What's All This About?

Friends I owe you a big apology and I thought it was only fair to just dive straight into it. My past behaviour has been nothing short of outrageous. Last blog in February! What's that about? And it can't go unnoticed that before my inexcusable absence there was an incredibly heavy bias towards The Vampire Diaries. So not only am I not going to try and dig my way out of my slacking by offering a truck load of excuses about commuting and being too tired to blog, I am going to offer you a tasty alternative to my current CW fave (which has been outstanding recently) and return my attention to the undeniably still brilliant Chuck.

First things first though, please accept my apologies for my going AWOL; I assure you it will not happen again.

Now, let's get down to business... For those of us that are Chuck fans, and there are a few out there somewhere, you will have had to have been hiding under a rock to miss the furore that occurred when the programme took its hiatus to make space for the Winter Olympics. For a show that has forever been unable to shake off it's bubble status (it has never enjoyed a run where it's renewal is guaranteed) the reaction of the fans was extreme. For those of you who were hiding under a rock the problem was created by an unavoidable situation. Chuck is an extremely enjoyable show for a number of reasons but one of the main ones, especially with the fans, is the obvious chemistry between the two leads Chuck and Sarah. Although will they/wont they plotlines have been going for years now and can seem a bit dated, somehow the writers manage to keep you caring week in week out, and hoping each episode that our geeky hero will finally get his girl. So what happened? Why all the uproar I hear you ask?

Well the episode before the Olympics break saw our favourite duo officially acknowledge the end of their relationship and each embark new relationships with their new respective love interests, portrayed by Brandon Routh and Kristin Kreuk.
I honestly don't think Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz could have predicted what happened next. Had the episode dated when originally intended to, viewers could have been comforted by the knowledge that within a few weeks the longing and yearning glances would return, on Chuck's behalf if not Sarah's, and we could all go back to silently (or not so silently in my case) rooting for the pair to realise their devotion to one another. But unfortunately NBC who have had some very publicised problems in their scheduling called for an early return for Chuck in order to help with its struggling schedule. This meant that an episode which initially might have disgruntled a few loyal Charah's or Shuck's instead provoked outrage and led many to call for a boycott of the show; not a wise move by fans for a show that relies heavily on ratings for its' season renewal. The phrase cutting off your nose to spite your face comes to mind!

Anyway, after what seemed like eternity the show returned and luckily the plotline soon saw our favourite will they/wont they, oh no now Sarah seems to be paying too much attention to the apparently all American hero super agent storyline return, and fans appeared to be appeased by the result. A relief all round! And since its return the show has been going from strength to strength with answers being revealed left, right and centre.
Plus in an ironic twist, the show's early scheduling was combined with an extension of its run pushing the number of episodes from thirteen to nineteen. So when Chuck left us for yet another break, the climatic ending episode was originally intended to be the season's finale. And oh my word was it explosive!!!

Now I have rambled on for long enough in this blog already, and if I even attempt to go into what happened in the last three or four episodes there is actually no way that I can do all the twists and turns justice. So I propose this.... Come back tomorrow when I will dedicate yet another blog to the delights of my favourite spy based comedy and I promise you I will do you proud.
Surely you can't ask for anything better then that?!

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