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The Return...

Well this is certainly an apt title isn't it? The Return. The return of my favourite TV show, the return of my TV show schedule and the return!

Revisiting my blog I'm somewhat ashamed to see that my last post was in April, all I can say is thank goodness my absence didn't reach the six month mark. So with all my fave programmes meandering back onto my screen let's crack on with where we left off.

The Return is of course the title of the first new episode The Vampire Diaries which didn't so much return as explode back on to our screen.

Conveniently, we picked up exactly where we ended last May with Uncle Jonathan writhing around fingerless after finding himself at the end of Katherine's wrath. So much happened in this one episode that I almost don't know where to begin.

As I mentioned the episode picks up where we were cruelly abandoned last season. Elena narrowly avoids coming face-to-face with her evil doppelganger and discovers Uncle Jonathan lying in a pool of blood and calls the paramedics, believing it was a rogue tomb vamp who attacked him. If that's not bad enough the poor lamb then discovers her brother lying motionless having OD'ed on a delightful combination of Anna's blood and immensely strong painkillers. Stefan confirms that he is not a vamp in the waiting and warns him that Anna's blood has all but left his system so if Jeremy tries to kill himself again he will die for real.

Meanwhile at the hospital it's not looking good for Caroline as internal bleeding has left her looking the grim reaper in the face. However much to Elena's disdain Damon saves Caroline by slipping her some blood; more on this later. It's also thanks to Damon that Katherine's return is discovered as Elena denies kissing him on the porch and speaking to Aunt Jenna about the fire. At this precise moment Stefan is making the same discovery, as Katherine (pretending to be Elena) attempts to seduce him. Stefan is not so easily fooled and launches into defence attack. Our favourite trio discuss what Katherine's return means for them; the verdict, not good.

In between all this action the Lockwood's are holding a memorial for Mayor Lockwood who, if you remember, met his untimely end in the finale due to Jonathan Gilbert's watch. Cue high jinks in the form of Katherine pretending to be Elena and then the real Elena rocking up. At this point it's worth noting the great job that Nina Dobrev is doing playing three different characters; Elena, Katherine and then Katherine pretending to be Elena. At the Lockwood's we establish that Bonnie and Katherine are not likely to become besties, Katherine has a weakness for Matt's dreamy blue eyes and that Katherine has returned for Stefan not Damon.

Unfortunately Katherine learns a few things too, namely that Damon saved Caroline's life by slipping her some blood and that Stefan hates her. I also learned something; don't piss off a vamp as they retaliate by stabbing you in the stomach with a sharp instrument.

Now as I mentioned earlier that this was an action packed episode and it's almost impossible to squeeze in every tantalising twist that happened. So I'm going to divide the rest of this post between the characters that had a bit of a rough ride during this episode.

How much rejection does a vamp have to face? First he discovers that it was Katherine he'd kissed and poured his heart out to, then Bonnie rejects his offer of a truce for saving Caroline, rather vehemently too with her witchy vampire migraine. Now hands up who wasn't heartbroken when Elena told him she was surprised he'd think she would kiss him back. "Now I'm hurt." Me too Damon, me too! So it came as no surprise that he went back to Katherine and offered her eternal love. Katherine rejected his advances in possibly the most devastating way she could; "it's always been Stefan." Cue a dejected Damon appearing in Elena's room, it was clear the poor guy just needed comforting but trying to force himself on her was probably not the best way to go about it. Unfortunately Elena's way of knocking him back was to unwittingly echo Katherine's earlier words "it's always been Stefan." Which leads us onto why The Return wasn't the best episode for Jeremy...

After a heart to heart with a departing Uncle Jonathan, Jeremy discovers that the Gilbert's have a long history of being vampire haters and part of The Council. Unfortunately Jeremy gets a taste of how unstable vampires are by intervening in Damon's attempted kiss with Elena. In a serious case of wrong place wrong time Damon lashes out against Elena in the most hurtful way he can...and snaps Jeremy's neck. I'm not going to lie; I gasped out loud. Thank God his earlier heart to heart with Uncle Jonathan resulted in Jeremy inheriting one of those snazzy 'you can't die at the hands of anything supernatural rings.' Ere go Jeremy is not dead; but Elena's friendship with Damon is, if her declaration of hate is anything to go by.

After confronting death face on for pretty much the majority of the episode I did not see the final seconds coming. Much was made of Damon saving Caroline's life with his blood so I guess it was not too surprising in theory that Katherine paid Caroline a late night visit. Unfortunately she was not armed with flowers but instead a message; tell the Salvatore's that it's "game on." Caroline is promptly smothered with her own pillow. Now this is where the episode ended, but as I've seen Caroline sporting a nice blood moustache in the trailer for the next episode one can only assume that she is vampwards bound. Poor Caroline; her mum is the sheriff! And where does this leave Matt? He is pretty much the only character left who is unaware of the supernatural.
Uncle Jonathan
I'll keep this brief as I point blank dislike the man. But Uncle Jonathan spends the majority of the episode recuperating from his attack. When Elena and Stefan visit him in hospital he refuses to answer due to his hatred of vampires and disdain for their relationship. That is until Stefan threatens him to leave town and never return otherwise he'll turn him into a vampire and watch him hate himself more than he already does.

So there we have it. This was the action packed opening episode of what is still my favourite TV show. The only detail I omitted is the return of Mason Lockwood, who I believe has returned to enlighten us about the Mystic Falls werewolves, although we will touch upon that in a few weeks to come. I for one am not complaining though as he is a welcome addition to the show's eye candy.

Goodness, so much action so little time. Keep a lookout for a recap of the season premiere of Chuck which is coming soon. But right now I am going to go and daydream about Stefan, Damon, Jeremy and Mason Lockwood having a wrestle. Judge me all you like but tell me you're not thinking about joining me!

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