Sunday, 20 February 2011

Santa Klaus is coming to town....

Goodness me, how I love a cliffhanger. That's my excuse for leaving you all on tenterhooks as to the casting of the ultimate baddie vamp Klaus and I'm sticking to it. In my defence the casting of the coveted role had yet to be confirmed, so I couldn't very well pluck names out of thin air could I?

OK maybe I could, especially as according to the rumour mills our very own Craig Dean from Hollyoaks was allegedly a contender for the role. I for one am ecstatic that he was overlooked, mainly because every time he'd try to intimidate my favourite Salvatore brothers in a scene I'd be waiting for John Paul McQueen to enter the room and gaze longingly before stealing a secret snog in the Mystic Grill.

Anyway, sorry Guy Barnet, but the casting ship has sailed and a different Brit; Joseph Morgan has been confirmed for the role. I'm actually unfamiliar with Joseph, but excited that they've cast a Brit to play a Brit for once. Especially as past English characters such as Rose and Elijah have all been played by Americans. Don't get me wrong, both played their parts exceedingly well; I only found out Rose wasn't English by checking Lauren Cohan's wikipedia page, but it's just nice to see a native cast in such a sought after role.

Fingers crossed all goes well for Joseph, but not too well seeing as his existence will ultimately end with Elena's death. After so much speculation over the role, no doubt Joseph's feeling the pressure. He needn't worry for a few weeks at least, seeing as the only method of killing him is deeply impaled in Elijah's corpse, for the present time being. I for one am very excited to see his entrance; he'll be debuting on 21st April, especially as the originals have a way of entering the show with an impact.

On a separate note, how great has TVD been since returning to our screens? I'm doing my best to make the blog less vampire focused, but when they provide me with a continuous bromance between Alaric and Damon, a heroine to equal Buffy (in feistyness not strength) and weekly helpings of handsome shirtless men; there's just no alternative.

What do you think? Are you relieved a relatively unknown Brit landed the much coveted role of Klaus? Are you as much of a fan of Dalaric as I am? Thoughts and comments very much welcomed!