Monday, 25 April 2011

The May sweeps are a coming....

For TV obsessives like myself, May marks an extremely exciting time of the year. Ignoring the fact that our fave TV shows are about to disappear off the screens, we're instead gearing ourselves up for the inevitable deaths, hook ups, break ups and other exciting story lines that explode during the season finales.

To name just a few, Gossip Girl is currently keeping its audience captivated with the mystery of Blair will eventually be paired up with. In the risk of causing an uproar, I'm secretly keeping everything crossed that she'll still be locking lips with Dan once the season finale credits begin to roll. Whilst over in Mystic Falls, The Vampire Diaries crashed back onto our screens for the final six episodes by getting the doppelganger episodes rolling. At present we're stood dumbfounded that history is repeating itself not just with Elena and Katherine, but also with the Salvatores as a slightly more modern version of Klaus and Elijah. Fess up, who GOL'ed (check back to this post if you need a translator) when you discovered they are not only brothers, but that Klaus is some sort of werevamp hybrid!) I digress, I digress.
To get back to my point, all the shows are massively pulling out all the stops to keep their audiences captivated enough to 1. guarantee a renewal and 2. guarantee their fans will remain loyal throughout the next series. This inevitably leads to my next point.


Once again my fave spy comedy is in danger of not being renewed. To be honest, it's surprising that the producers Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak don't name every season finale 'Chuck vs the renewal.' It's not that the fans passion has dwindled, but just that the viewing figures are never quite enough to guarantee automatic saviour. At present Chuck stands in the 'could go either way' category on the Ausiello renewal scorecard which just about sums the series up. Personally, I'm not worried, Chuck has faced this every year and always come through smiling. Plus the producers always ensure the storyline is nicely rounded up but left open just enough to lead to the next season, network permitting. But I'm still keeping everything crossed.

To return to my original point, this really is my favourite time of the TV season, I'm actually more excited by crossing off the cancellations and renewals like my own personal Michelin Man I-Spy, than the finales themselves. So I urge you to check back here for my ultimate favorite event of the TV year; the Upfronts, which are due to kick off on 16th May. This is when you get a preview of the 'Fall' (excuse my Americanism) TV schedule lineup. I will try my best to include all the gossip and snippets of show information as soon as I can find it!

To keep you preoccupied until then, why not follow my suit and keep stopping by TV Line the brain child of my favourite US entertainment journalist Michael Ausiello as he teases his May sweeps scorecard. I'm just praying that none of the deaths are Chuck, The Vampire Diaries*, or Gossip Girl related. Well, I can but hope, right?

*Scrap that, after double checking a Vampire Diaries fatality has been confirmed....DAMMIT!